Thank you all for a pleasant day at Wyuka.  We were comfortably situated in  two air-conditioned rooms and had several last minute entries, making for a great competition. 
All hail your new Baronial Champion, Carlos, who make a very tasty pork and sausage pie, cabbage, and pear tart.
Intermediate Championship tied between Theron's liquors (yum!) and HalfTroll's shoes (harder than it looks). Novice Champion was Aveline's beadwork (lovely--ask to see them) and Jane is our Children's Champion with a Roman chiton (I think that's what it's called) that she sewed (see, aren't all you adults ashamed that you don't sew your own clothes?).
Feast was as wonderful as our Mag Mor cooks can make it and The One Called Dave finally received a scroll for the torse that Martino and Ariel gave him.

Thanks again--stay cool
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