There was a long-ish thread on this recently about the many pros and cons of donating work. Check the archives if you can!

The 'exposure' angle is dicey at best. My rule for donating artwork is something like this: 1) do I love the organization and their mission enough that I would donate the equivalent in $$ to them? 2) Is this new artwork to be commissioned (see previous question) or work I've already completed (may be more of a consideration) that they want to use? 3) am I not taking legitimate income away from another artist by donating my work? If the answer to all three is yes, then I may do that.

The artists really should be paid if the author and publisher are. There are some publications where artists DO advertise their work, and they pay money for such privilege. What difference would this publication be to something like that? Artists are putting wonderful work up on the internet and unscrupulous folks are stealing and reselling it as their own. Our profession needs dignity and protection.

There are fine considerations to all of this - please keep us posted!

Kathy G

On Jul 18, 2015, at 4:46 PM, barrett klein wrote:

Thank you, Kathy.  I can only assume the author who invited me to write the introduction of the book is being paid and the publishers will receive money. 

Yes, there are certainly opportunities for which I would donate my work (in print) pro bono in order for it to reach wider audiences.  I will write the author about copyright protection.  Still not sure about how to broach the topic of payment for the artists.  I think the author sees this as an opportunity for the artists to advertise themselves because they include information about them, including links to websites, etc.


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