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Thank you, Bruce.
Honestly, I just want to see a book on the proposed topic to be inspiring and beautiful.  If they had charged artists a dime, I would have laughed and turned the other direction.


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This sounds exactly like a lot of "art books" that are supposedly distributed to galleries.  Some (many?) may be legitimate, but more than a few are (or were) quite the rip-off.  Artists actually paid the publisher -- over $200 in many cases -- to have their work in these books, although the payment did allow the participating artists one copy of the resulting publication.  Figure it out......$200 from 100 artists (at 2 pages per artist) is 20kilobucks.  It doesn't cost that much to print 100 copies and give them away to galleries.  

There's a art promotion site here in Maine that works on the same plan.  One pays $250 and is allowed so many pieces of art work on the site.  Supposedly, "accepted" artists (anyone with $250?) gets "promoted" by the owners/operators.  I'm not certain what type promotion that entails other than having one's work on their website, as I've never joined.  Also, one has to pay every year to be included.

Yes, it's true that publishers and bookstores are going out of business (anyone here buy from Amazon? for shame), but this type publication has been around for quite a while.

On the other side of the coin, I'm certain everyone will recognize the name Art Wolfe.  Art is a wildlife photographer that has published quite a string of superb photography books.  Thing is, Wolfe only breaks even on the books.  He produces them to keep his name at the top of the list at the photo stock agencies, which is where he makes his money. 

So compromise is always an issue in self-promotion.  Your friend may have produced an excellent piece of work that may help some artists.  I'm not certain how galleries select the artists they chose to promote, but I suspect most galleries turn away dozens of artists who are clamoring to have their work shown.  I could be wrong, but I can't imagine that galleries today have to go looking for high quality artists.  (As an aside, having been to many art galleries it sometimes seems to me they are NOT looking for high quality artists but rather artists that produce something the gallery thinks will sell in that community.  High quality artists become illustrators so they can stick to high quality art work.)

If you are comfortable with this arrangement, go with it.  I suspect, however, that most of us here are looking for other ways to promote themselves than work for free "exposure."  We've all had that experience in one guise or another, and most who have realize it doesn't get them much.




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