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On Jul 22, 2015, at 8:43 AM, Lynette Cook wrote:

I'm offering a last ditch possible computer fix for those of you who may find yourself in the same boat and need advice on what to do.

I asked for input from this list about a year and a half ago when my old G4 wouldn't boot up. The power light would come on, but then go off. Otherwise it was dead. Advice on this list was golden. . . to 1) reset the CUDA button or 2) replace the PRAM battery. That time resetting the CUDA button fixed it. This time, it didn't. With visions of hauling it to a computer repair shop (it's the machine that has my records and on which I'm working on my sales tax return - due in 8 days, of course), I went out hunting for a new battery with the old one in hand for reference. Turns out they are hard to find and the store that has one would close before I could get there. (More visions of that repair store and spending hundreds of dollars.)

It occurred to me to put the battery back in, reconnect everything, and hope for the best. Yes, I said a prayer too. And, ta da! When I hit the power button it sprang back to life!!! I can't explain it, as that battery had been firmly in place all along and there was no corrosion or anything to suggest an issue. Go figure. So if any of you get desperate and are about to go find that fix-it shop, maybe consider taking the internal battery out and putting it back in. (Be sure to ground yourself on metal, such as the metal frame of the computer, before handling.)

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