I am sure there are regional differences on the application and understanding of a common name. Plus, it sounds like the reviewer was not a beetle person. I believe in the USA, much of Europe, and some of Africa, chafers is well-understood. May beetles in the USA usually connotes Phyllophaga species or Melolontha species in Europe. I think chafers is well-established in the ent literature, and an entomological reader will understand your meaning. If the journal or the readership is not strictly entomological, then there could be a lapse in understanding. Using May beetles at least gets transmits the idea of “beetles”, but I would never apply that term to sericines. So, there is a conundrum. I would lobby the editor to continue with chafers and explain this is a reasonably well-understood term in our discipline. There are, in many cases, when we simply have to use a discipline-specific term to get out meaning across.

Good luck.


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Subject: Native English speakers: seeking for an alternative expression as common name for chafers (Scarabaeidae: Melolonthinae)

Hi All,

in a quite prominent biological journal I used the term "chafers" ["We studied species limits in southern African chafers (Scarabaeidae: Sericini)..."], but referees asked me: "What are chafers? Do they have a common name (I know they are beetles, but many readers will not)."
So, does anyone of you have a better idea? Maybe "May beetles"? 



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