Dear Colleagues,


I am starting to reduce my entomological possessions in view of impending
formal retirement.


The following books are currently on the market.

1. Horn, W. und S. Schenkling 1928-1929. Index Litteraturae Entomologicae.
Serie 1: Die Welt-Literatur über die gesamte Entomologie bis inklusive 1863.
Band i-iv. Berlin-Dahlem (xx1 + 1426 pp). Leather spine, good condition.

2. Ferreira M.C.  1968-9. Os Escarabideos de Africa (Sul do Saara). Revista
de Entomologia de Mozambique. Vol 11. 1088 pp. Pristine, unopened. $150


Packaging and postage are extra.


Please contact me directly if interested.






Professor Clarke Scholtz

Scarab Research Group

Department of Zoology & Entomology

University of Pretoria

Pretoria 0002 - RSA

Fax +27 12 362 5242

Phone +27 12 420 3236


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