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You should know soon after Sept. 4, 2015


Obviously, a proper test box should be one like this: http://www.gdfcf.org/sites/default/files/images/Biodiversity/Rainforest/P%20shingled%20spread%20box.jpg

No one would EVER get the prize if a box like that was the judging criterion. To be honest, any criterion less stringent than that is not a fair test, but some people use the term "digitized" to mean nothing more than a specimen whose digital photograph has been taken and given a number - and that's not much of a challenge. Folks have already automated that process for slides, at least, but that's not my definition of "digitized." If the only actual aim is to put photos online and crowdsource the data capture, then at least we should be honest about it: this absolutely does not reduce the time or labor involved, it just shifts much of that time and labor to people who we don't have to pay. Yes, that's cheaper, but it is very obviously not efficient.

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