As I mentioned the last ECN meeting, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services will soon be announcing an open position for a Ph.D. level curator at the Florida State Collection of Arthropods (FSCA). The arthropod taxonomic expertise of the candidate is open, but they will be assigned identification of the Thysanoptera and non-insect arthropods (but not Acari).  Curation will focus on those groups and the wet collections, as well as the candidate's area of expertise.

Equally important are other collection related administrative tasks, which may include working on collections improvement grants, helping liaison with the Florida Museum of Natural History as we build a larger partnership, managing the FSCA website, curation of wet collections and bulk samples, maintaining acquisition records, processing donation paperwork, handling 3-177 declarations, maintaining our CITES registration,  etc.

I will send another note with the official announcement and links once it is open. I thought you would appreciate a little warning to alert colleagues or students who might be interested.  I spoke with a few people at the last ECN meetings regarding student they knew and can't remember everyone, so please forward to prospective applicants to let them decide.

If interested, go to and create an account in the Job Seekers section. It can be set up to notify you immediately when any job is advertized that meet your criteria. My understanding is that official applications must be made through that website. Once officially posted, the position will be open for about 2 weeks, so be prepared.

If you have questions, please contact me directly. Do not reply to the list serve. THANKS,

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