Bright greetings!
The harvest approaches, the weather will turn cooler... eventually... I
hope... and in just under two months, it will be time for Calontir's Fall
Crown Tournament. On that auspicious day when we gain Heirs to our Kingdom,
the Ladies of the Rose will host an arts and sciences competition of
largesse. Please bring the marvelous fruits of your labors and the fabulous
works of your hands so that our Monarchs may bestow them as gifts,
justifiably proud to show off the talents and abilities of our populace.

Documentation is not required, but please be prepared to explain a little
about your work to us (or send notes or a proxy). Entries will be displayed
in the morning and viewed by the assembled Ladies of the Rose somewhat
after the end of the fighting.

We hope to continue to hold our customary Rose in any Medium competition
once yearly at Spring Crown Tournaments and create a new tradition of a
Largesse competition at Fall Crowns. We look forward to seeing you there!

llawen calon, --Branwen

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