I am always amazed when I receive a clip or snip of what others are doing with the instruments I have built for them. There is an occasional moment when I just sit back in awe of the end result of an artist's project, and today included one such moment. The blue lyre I delivered in July is now part of an incredible duet in a new video by Brian Kay. If you haven't heard of him, please check his work out on YouTube or at Briankaymusic.com. Brian manages to take the simplicity of melody and theme that is so stereotypical of early medieval rural common music and add in vocal and instrumental accent and embellishment that gives depth to the music beyond that simplicity, without compromising the purity of the presentation. I believe this was the key to being a great bard, scop or scald - the ability to take something very simple and draw in the listener. But I digress a bit.
Brian just this evening sent me a link to a new project piece using his voice and the lyre he commissioned. I am floored. Perhaps one day I will become a performer of similar ability, one can always hope. Until then, as long as work like this is being created with the tools I build, I am quite happy doing what I am doing. So here is the link to this project, I hope you like it.
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