Greetings!  Cattle Raids is almost upon us, and once again I would like to invite the children of the Kingdom to bring their A and S projects to show and share about!  

This will  mark the 4th annual Cattle Raids Children's A and S. 

Children's A and S at Cattle Raids is open to any period inspired project that our children are working on.   This is not a judged competition, but rather a place for our youngest members to show their peers what they are excited about.  Period methods are by no means required!  Have they drawn a picture of  a princess?  Made a play dough castle or a popsicle stick trebuchet?  Please have them share! There are no winners, all entrants will receive a gift.

I am very eager to see what they are working on.   While period research and technique are of course welcome, they are not required.  I believe that if we get our children excited about creating and making, the techniques and period methods will follow.


Baroness of Mag Mor

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