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Site:  The Village of Puddleford, 18683 Highway CC, Warrenton, MO 63383

Site fee:  $10.00 members, $15.00 non-members.  $5.00 kids 5 to 17.  Children under 5 are free.

Site opens:  4:00 pm Friday, September 25 and closes at 12:00 pm Sunday, September 27.


From Hwy I-70:

  • Take your best route to Hwy I-70 & Warrenton MO. Exit #193 (Hwy 47)
  • Go South on Hwy 47 to Hwy CC (about 7.5 miles)
  • Turn Left/East onto Hwy CC
  • Go East about 2 miles to 18683 Hwy CC, Warrenton, Missouri 63383.  On the left, you will see a green barn with a white roof.

From Hwy I-44:

  • Take your best route to Hwy I-44 and Exit #240 (47 North) @ St. Clair.
  • Follow Highway 47 North to Highway CC
  • Turn East onto Hwy CC
  • Go about 2 miles to 18683 Hwy CC, Warrenton, Missouri 63383.  On the left, you will see a green barn with a white roof.

Important Note:  If following a GPS, do not turn onto Charette Creek Road.  This is a gravel road with creek crossings that have no bridges.

Challenges and classes begin at 9:30 am Saturday.


Challenges or flytes are opportunities (not requirements) for us to practice, play with or perform specific topics in front of a most receptive audience.  You may participate in one or several.  There will be an icebreaker or two requiring no preparation. Challenges to prepare for include:

Mistress Slaine Haselbauer – These Are Fighting Words:  The Barony of Grey Niche and the Barony of Three  Rivers have had a friendly conflict since A.S. XX.  We have had five wars, with the home team “winning” by numbers.  This October we will have a war on neutral territory.  Her Highness Gleann Abhann (until recently the Baroness of Grey Niche) has sent this missive far and wide: “Tired of the lack of tribute and cost of governance, Her Highness has declared that the Rights to govern Three Rivers will be given to whoever makes Her Highness the best offer.  She will grant the Right to govern, but whoever secures this Right should come prepared to occupy their new lands by Force.”   Three Rivers will never submit to any but the Crown of Calontir.   These are fighting words! Regale us with story, verse or song on how it really was, how it will be, or thunder the heavens to raise up an army!

HL Hanne Abendschein – First Time SCA Performance:  Been working up the nerve to sing a song or tell a story in front of your Calontir friends?  You will have a receptive and attentive audience.  Find and perform a piece (spoken or sung) that takes less than 5 minutes to present.  Generally, this is not something you’ve written and there is no documentation required.  NOT a competition, you win for participating!

HL Hanne Abendschein – Exciting Extant Interpretations:  Read/perform a period piece of poetry or prose.  May be read or memorized.  English translated and/or original language.  Spoken or sung.  5 minutes or less.

Master Dolan Madoc – Songs That Need Singin’ or Tales That Need Tellin':  Platform for songwriters or poets to get their work in public.  Either a new song or story or one not heard much or not heard in a while.

Mistress Dorcas Whitecap – Worth Their Salt!:  To be “worth one’s salt” is to be worthy of one’s pay.  As the coin of the bard is words, payment is due to others in word-fame.  Perform a piece in praise of another.  Praise their deeds, virtues or any quality you would like in whatever form pleases you.  Salt references optional, but encouraged.

Lord Franz Gottskrieger – Bardic Version of Whose Line:  On  the card is “Known World’s worst step”, “props”, “scenes from a helm”, “Irish drinking song”



Lady Appelonia – Troubadors, Trouveres and Jongleurs, O My!  The History of the Middle Ages Musician:  A comprehensive class discussing the secular musician of the Middle Ages.  Style, traditions and examples of music covering the majority of Western Europe.

Mistress Gwyneth Espicier – Wavering Consort:  Do you like / would you like to try to sing period choral music?  Come join us for a session of the “Wavering Consort.”   Music will be provided and for those who don’t read music, never fear – we’ll teach you your part.

Mistress Gwyneth Espicier – Period Performance Practices:  Want to make your singing style for period songs more authentic?  The session discusses some period vocal performance practices from Western Europe during SCA period.

Master Rhodri – The Voice of the Crown:  How to be a court herald, including serving as White Hawk for an entire reign:   We will focus on specific details to help you make the Crown, and yourself, look fantastic.

Master Ravasz – Finding Your Zany:   Developing your inner comedic character, taking risks on stage.  How to work/play well with others.

Volu-Ingibiorg – Latin, Anglo-Saxon, French: England’s Poetry:  For most of the millennium or two we study, the poetry of “England” wasn’t in what we’d recognize as English.  Let’s look at the structure of poetry in some of the other languages popular on that island.  (Because Chaucer and Shakespeare get enough play elsewhere, ammiright?)

Lord Janos – Music Theory for Bards:  This two-hour session will focus on understanding the components of music, including scales, notes, keys, modes, and chords.  We will explore the way that sounds interact and are perceived by the ear, and the structures that underlie well-written music – including some chord progressions that you can use yourself in your own compositions.

Mistress Dorcas – Running, Fleeing, Hitting and Hacking:  Write More Effective Lyrics, With VERBS!:  This one-hour class explores the most important item in the writer’s toolbox:  the verb!  Don’t just send your enemies running, drive them fleeing!  Don’t merely hit your opponents!  Hack, whack, smack, stab, punch, buffet, wallop and hammer them!  If you’re in love, why chase when you can charm, press, woo and court?

Verbs are actions.  If the actions are dull, the whole story is weak.  Inappropriate or overly modern choices of action words in a song or scroll text can ruin any “magic moment” you are trying to create.  Exciting verbs stimulate any text or prose you produce, and capture the attention and imagination of your audience.

This class will cover how to use a thesaurus and dictionary.  We’ll compare “good” verbs with “bad” ones, and try to understand the difference.  Come learn how “action words” can can inspire and activate your song lyrics, poetry, stories, even scroll texts.

Class Schedule:  TBA



Note:  All equines must show proof of Coggins and out of state equines must have 30 day health papers

Equestrian Schedule (Saturday):

 9AM –Equestrian Authorizations

 10AM – Mounted archery practice and mounted archery authorizations

 Noon – Lunch break

 1 PM – Three Rivers Baronial Equestrian Championship competition – Large equestrian challenge course of sword, lance, spear, axe and multiple kinds of mounted archery runs.

 4 PM – Tippet Tag – horse flag football like elimination game

Dueling Kitchens:

Come and see what Malice and Wayne have planned for your tummy and what shenanigans will be happening in the kitchens (Bards could be involved). Sample the fare from both kitchens, then cast your vote for the winner!


The Barony of Three Rivers is pleased to host this event for bards and interested others.  There will be challenges and classes designed for all, from the person just becoming interested to those with more advanced bardic skills.

Enjoy the comaraderie of an appreciative group around large bonfires on Friday and Saturday nights.  You are encouraged to bring any kind of tasty beverage.

The Dueling Kitchens of Wayne and Malice will have food available for $5 each meal for Friday evening arrivals, and breakfast lunch and dinner on Saturday.

The Baronial Equestrian Championship will be organized by Sir Sato.

Melees will be marshalled by Amba Allrasystir in prep for upcoming Gray Niche War.

This is a camping event at a wet, primitive site.  Water, potties and hot showers are available.  Ground cookfires are permitted (please replace sod.)

For more information, please click on the links above.


Event Steward:
Hanne Abendschein
MKA:  Deb Johnoff
2801 Middlebush Dr. Columbia, MO 65203
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Equestrian Marshal:
Saito Jiro
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