As waterbearing coordinator for Cattle Raids I have some last minute requests (especially since I missed Moot): 

One: I need gallon jugs! I'm not sure how many (see request two), but more than the two that are in my trunk. If you can provide some gallon jugs (ten total should be more than enough) please let me know, and then bring them to site.

Two: I need to know where we need water coolers and gallon jugs. If the people in charge of different areas could let me know if they want anything or not, and what they want that would be fantastic. (Halftroll, Killian, Gerald, Owain, Seraphina/someone for youth, Thora/someone for the main building.) In respect to past years I plan to have at least two coolers and four gallon jugs for armored combat including yellow gatorade, and two coolers in the main building (if those are not being provided from elsewhere). Please let me know what we need beyond that.

Three: Please let me know if you have water coolers to bring. I have the barony's four.

Four: Help at any time during the day either actively waterbearing or making sure coolers don't empty would be wonderful. And knowing I would have help ahead of time would be even better.

Thank you,
~ Cate

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