Just wanted to remind everybody that Thora will be holding a precook for the feast at St. Mark’s on the Campus Episcopal church (13th and R streets) at 1:00 pm this coming Saturday, August. 15.  Be aware that another group meets there until noon, and it usually takes the until at least 12:30 to clear out.  So don’t show up TOO early <grin>.


I will be there, as will Carlos, Isabeau, and Isadora.  But many hands make light work, so if anyone else can come, they would be most welcome!



Please let us know if there is any equipment (pots & pans, knives, cutting boards, electric griddles, etc.) that you need people to bring.


Also, thanks again to those who helped with the precook for the inn last Saturday:  Isadora, Morgana, Leofwynna, Etienette, Dianaim , Isabeau, and Carlos.  I couldn’t have done it without you all.




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