Who ever angered the Wind God, thanks. You didn't needed to anger him that much early this morning. We just needed him to dry the canvas, which he did.

We enjoyed Cattle Raids really well, but Loki didn't have play games on our battery Friday and Sunday. Our battery had to be charged on Friday by Felix and Jumped by Volkmar on Sunday. Thank you guys for helping us out in helping us in this matter.

Isabeau did really well merchanting this week, thanks for all the shoppers that shopped, we got rid of 2 boxes and a laundry bag full of SCA Garments and Fabric. She will there at Crown Tourney merchanting too. More cloths, fabric, bee's wax  and other items.

Thank you Felix for putting on a grate event and Thora and her Menions for a great Feast. We did come away starving.

Carlos and Isabeau

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