Greetings Mag Mor!
Thank you all for a wonderful event. We couldn't have asked for a better event at which to be invested.
Thank you to Felix and Chiara for a day well planned.
Owain and crew thank you for the wonderful archery. More than one person called it the best barony run archery event in the kingdom!
Thank you to Killian for running a small, but active chug and thrust field.
Thank you to Seraphina and Leila got stepping in last minute to run children's activities. We hear many children enjoyed them.
Thank you to Gerald and your dogs for  running canine activities. Several mentioned it was an unusual, but welcome period addition to an event.
Thank you to Gwyneth and crew for a tasty and filling inn.
Thank you also to Thora and get many helpers for a delightful feast.
Thank you to everyone else who helped make this Cattle Raids wonderful.
Halftroll & Gyđa
Baron & Baroness of Mag Mor

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