/*Happy Summer, GNSI family and friends! *I hope you are all enjoying 
some summer fun. Before you take yet another nap or rush off to the 
airport yet again, take a few moments to read the latest and greatest on 
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*Orphan Works Still In The Works! <>*
The Orphan Works issue is still ongoing. The Library of 
Congress/Copyright Office issued a Notice of Inquiry, to receive 
feedback from creatives (that's us) regarding possible changes to the 
copyright act. Proposals under consideration could drastically change 
the way we do business. The initial comment period has ended, but the 
Library of Congress now has *extended the reply period until Oct. 1, 
2015.* So if you didn't have time to write the initial comments, you 
still have the opportunity to respond. Get informed through the link 
above, and prepare your letters now!

      *GNSI Welcomes our New President Elect!*

*Linda Feltner* has been elected to serve as GNSI President for a 
two-year term beginning in July 2016. She will serve on the Board as 
President Elect for one year, learning the ropes, and remain on the 
Board as Past President for one year after her active term. This is a 
great system that allows for continuity and smooth transitions for Guild 

*GNSI 2015-2016 Board <>*
Get to know your new GNSI Board members!

*Auction Success!*
The Annual GNSI Auction was a roaring success, thanks to the generosity 
of our members who donated everything from hand-knit mittens to original 
works of art. We raised $5200, which will be split evenly between the 
General Fund and the Education Fund. It's not too early to start 
thinking about the 2016 Auction: keep an eye out for treasures on your 
travels or when you clean out that garage or attic.


*Wild Mushrooms and Functional Fungi 
The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History seeks nature illustrators who 
wish to exhibit artwork depicting mushrooms, lichen or similar natural 
growth in our exhibition.
*EXHIBITION DATES:* November 6, 2015 - March 20, 2016
*LOCATION:* Santa Cruz Museum of Art and Historys Art Forum gallery

*Science Inspires Art: Biodiversity/Extinction-Exhibit Call 
EVENT DATE:* July 21 to August 23, 2015
*EXHIBIT DATES:* October 10, 2015 February 28, 2016 at the New York Hall 
of Science
*SUBMISSION DEADLINE:* August 23, 2015

*ROT: The Afterlife of Trees 
We invite artists to use the idea of rot or decomposition of trees in 
the forest as a starting point for the creation of artwork. [If you 
click on the link to their website, ignore the field trip portion and 
scroll down a bit for the entry information.]
*ENTRY DEADLINE: *October 1, 2015
*EXHIBIT DATES:* January-February, 2016


*Can you provide some insight? 
<>* - 
"I'm currently studying graphic design and one of our assessments was to 
write an article about possible future trends within a chosen area of 
specialisation (I choose to do scientific illustration) and get feedback 
from relevant practitioners."


*Scientific Illustration Distance Learning Program-Fall 2015 
INSTRUCTOR:* Gretchen Halpert
*DATES: * September 14 to November 27, 2015


*Successful KickStarter for GNSI Member 
Rhonda Nasss KickStarter program is a success! Read all about it.


*Mark Klingler Upcoming Presentations And An Exhibit 
If you are planning to be traveling in Pennsylvania in the near future, 
stop by and enjoy two presentations and an exhibit by GNSI member Mark 


A reminder that Journal issue 2015 #2 is available for free download for 
<> (must 
be logged into your account)
*Journal Article: Member Spotlight 
Our featured GNSI Member in the current Journal issue is Marlene 
Donnelly. Read about Marlene's career and inspirations.


/That's all for now, enjoy your summer! And be sure to let me know if 
you have news to pass along, I'll be happy to do so./

/Gail Guth,
GNSI Outreach Director/

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