An easy one would be Marx and The Matrix.  I have used clips from this 
film to great effect. Not sure what condensed version of his theory you 
use, but most of the concepts are in the film.

On 9/17/2015 4:39 PM, Justin Elardo wrote:
> Dear AFEE Members,
> For several years I have toyed with the idea of creating a course that 
> would introduce students to economic ideas and content through the use 
> of fictional films.  This term I have an introduction to  economics as 
> a social science type course with low enrollment.  A conventional 
> lecture course seems less than ideal with a small group.  As a result, 
> I am strongly considering a trial by fire Economics in Fictional Film 
> class.
> Conceptually, I envision the course operating in such a manner that we 
> view fictional films in class, I assign an reading from a thinker such 
> as Veblen or Marx, and students are then asked to write short papers 
> relating the theoretical content with the film content.  For example, 
> the movie Pretty Woman (Julia Roberts, Richard Gere) could be shown 
> with an associated reading content of Veblen's "The Barbarian Status 
> of Women."  I have a list of other movies such as Office Space, Wall 
> Street, Burn...and some reading ideas, but I am not sure I am 
> satisfied as of yet.  I am in search of some more input.
> Does any AFEE member have thoughts or suggestions?  I would love to 
> hear different ideas.
> Thank You,
> Justin A. Elardo, PhD
> Portland Community College


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