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I'm thinking Kemp's book sounds on track for an intro macro book.  The Froyen book is intermediate as I recall.

I'm teaching intermediate macro this semester and decided to go with Wallace Peterson's last edition (from 1996).  The very nice feature of this book is that he states that he isn't sure what is going to come of the new classical/new keynesian drift, explains the original Keynesian criticism of classical positions and why the new research is likely not the best way forward.

I am pairing this in the class with the Martin Wolf Book, The shifts and the shocks.  Wolf's book shows that Peterson was right, way back in 1996.  Wolf explains his originally sympathetic view towards deregulation, the great moderation, globalization of finance, and then says that 2007 (and 1999) created a crisis of faith for him, and he now believes we must accept models which actually allow for the possibility of economic collapse.  Comparing Austrian and Post-Keynesian interpretations of the crisis, he comes down on the side of Hyman Minsky and Keynes.

I'm enjoying the overlap.


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Richard Froyen's 'Macroeconomics' 7th/8th edition is great for the old Keynesian models. It also has some good introductions to other schools of thought. It's a neo-Keynesian text though. But a very good one.

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Hey all,

What is a good intro Macro text for an approach including a full expenditure multiplier? This is for an eight week intro to Macro course for an "international MBA", and I gather that students were not happy with a historical / history of thought approach to the subject.


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