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The department of Economics at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, is soliciting recommendations for an external program reviewer for Spring 2016.  They will be part of a 3 person committee of faculty   (two of whom are economists, one of whom is from another department on campus) who reviews a self-written by the department.

The review team will then visit the campus March 3-6 to meet with faculty, students, staff and administrators. It will write a brief report after its departure.   Travel expenses are covered and a stipend is also given.

If you are interested, please contact Professor Daphne Greenwood at [log in to unmask] by Thursday, September 17 with brief credentials and a statement of interest. Sorry for the short notice!



Prof. Daphne Greenwood

Economics Department and Colorado Center for Policy Studies

University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80933-7150