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Chivalry:  Historical, Personal, Immortal

From the first time that the Old French *chevalerie *was used to mean
something beyond simple horse-soldiery, the concept has been subject to
intensely personal interpretation. Even the classic code of conduct that
began to coalesce in the 11th and 12th centuries was never static, always
responsive to cultural and individual ideals, influences and execution.
Whether medieval or modern, the concept has as many shades of meaning as it
has interpreters. Share your personal experience of chivalry: As you have
found it in great historical examples; as you practice it in your own life;
as you have experienced it, inside and outside the Society. Send your
observations (of up to 300 words) to [log in to unmask] and they may be
included in the 1st Quarter 2016 Issue of *Tournaments Illuminated.*

Submission of any work to *TI *constitutes permission to publish said work
without compensation in any form, including but not limited to
electronically on a publicly accessible webpage. The author retains all
original copyrights to the submission.

Thank you for your assistance,

CiarLasse MacGregor

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