"Hey folks...This is Tim's sister Val: I just visited with Rich and he said that some of you were maybe thinking of coming to South Dakota for the Celebration of Life Memorial Service. You are all more than welcome. We are planning this for the 26th of September at 10:30 a.m. in the Wolsey Senior Center.  (TIm would get a hoot out of that!!) It is NOT going to be a long "churchy" thing, because I know that is not what Tim wanted. If you are planning on coming up, please let Rich know, so that we can have an estimate for the lite lunch that will follow.
Motels in Huron, SD (which is the closest town 15 miles east of us)
CrossRoads 605-352-3204 (this is a hotel--the rest are motels)
Best Western 605-352-2000
Super 8 605-352-0740
Quality Inn 605-352-6655
Again, we welcome any and all of his friends to join us for this celebration."

A Note from Etienette:  An additional point of information is that Rich has a plan in process for a Celebration here in Lincoln for Calontir in October.  Details will come later. 
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