Can anyone suggest where a person might find a copy of an article in BioScience from 1989 by Elaine Hodges. If so, please email Luis Carvalho, [log in to unmask]

Unfortunately Elaine died about 9 years ago and I believe her husband has passed away as well, or is in very bad health. So I don't have any direct contact. I see that JStor Labs has a record of the article, but no link that works (

Britt Griswold


Luis Carvalho ([log in to unmask]) sent a message using the contact form at 

Dear Sir/Madam I am supervising a student in art that need to read the paper by Miss Elaine Hodges. I do not know how to contact Miss. Elaine, could you please contact her by my request? The paper I need is the following: "Scientific Illustration: A Working Relationship between the Scientist and Artist", Elaine R. S. Hodges, BioScience, Vol. 39, No. 2 (Feb., 1989), pp. 104-111 Thank you very much, Luis Carvalho 

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