On 10/8/2015 7:58 PM, Chris Nogy wrote:
> Lots of neat things have happened because of my trip last February to
> New Haven, here is the most recent.

Wow, what a lot of neat information, opinion ("hack") and
informed speculation, in a well-written article.  Great!

Since one of the other things that I do, these days, is sing
barbershop, two of the topics (I won't go into) that I particularly

The idea of tuning.  Before I sang barbershop, I thought there was
one set of intervals, and one kind of tuning, and it was a
piano...  And now I know that there are lots of types of tuning
and how critical that is.  I suspect, to a person that still
thinks "piano", as I did, a lot of the article gets lost.

Similarly - the discussion of the ubiquity of music, song and
self-entertainment.  I'm not sure I'd go where Kaz did (but
he knows more than I do, so maybe I'm wrong), but I think
few of us really understand the importance of "just singing
a song together" or "just singing for each other" the way
our ancestors did.

Barbershop music arose and was most popular just before, and
during, the invention of recorded music.  The level of
musical knowledge and singing skill that the average person
had, at that time, was much higher than what we have now.
At the same time, the level of exposure to music that the
average person has now, dwarfs what people once had.

We win some, we lose some - but our modern understanding of
the way people related to song and story is very different.

Maybe it was my background, but what a fascinating interview!


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