I am pretty sure they own the copyright.  But I have been thinking, I would like to get a set of a dozen or so questions regarding medieval instrument and music development, and write up the answers in a little less off-the-cuff way than a live interview show.  Maybe if there were enough interested people, I could actually answer real and legitimate questions that might actually help.
Again, the editing combined answers and simplified questions, and re-ordered some things, but overall I can't complain except that nowhere in the article or the magazine is my company name mentioned.  I know they aren't in the business of free advertising, but it might have been nice to mention the company.

> Wow. A very nice description of the development of medieval
> instruments and how they changed in Renneiasance.
> I had no idea that you tuned/built your instruments to someone's
> voice.  Interesting comments on Stradivarius. Interesting ideas on
> why instruments began to get more standardized.
> Also interesting on how you became an instrument maker.
> Who owns the copyright to this interview? Them? If so, too bad. I'd
> love to add it to the Florilegium. Of course if you wanted to
> rewrite it to avoid copyright infringement, I'd love to consider it
> for the Florilegium, and I suspect some folks would like it.
> Stefan
>> On Oct 8, 2015, at 6:58 PM, Chris Nogy <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Lots of neat things have happened because of my trip last
>> February to New Haven, here is the most recent.
>> The Virginia Quarterly Review puts together interview articles
>> from the Amateur Hour programs, and this issue they did mine.
>> The editing and "re-imagining" of my interview is a bit creative,
>> but they do state up front that it is edited for brevity and
>> meaning.  All in all, though, they got most of the right facts
>> attached to most of the proper questions, and I think it turned
>> out pretty well.
>> Anyway, here is the link to the article.  If you have a couple of
>> minutes, I would love it if you read it, share it, spread it
>> around.  OF course, nowhere in the article do they mention my
>> business or my website, but if people are willing to google my
>> name and then look past the whole Republican committee political
>> manipulation Huffington Post thing, they can find me.
>> http://www.vqronline.org/interviews-articles/2015/10/amateur-hour-
>> lyres-club
>> Hope you find it entertaining
>> Kaz
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