A little over a week ago I posted my quarterly query about the Kingdom OP.
 The question, “How many ‘double’ peers are in our OP as of September 30,
2015?” meaning, how many people hold two bestowed peerages.  In the
previous quarter, we found that 10 people in the Calontir OP hold 3
bestowed peerages.  How many, in addition to these 10 hold 2? The answer
is 57.  So, 67 of our Populace hold multiple bestowed peerages.

As always, we stand ready to make corrections/additions to the OP as
needed. Do not hesitate to contact us at [log in to unmask]


HL Eynon Llangenydd
Blue Hawk Herald/Calontir OP Clerk
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Webminister, Shire March of Grimfells
Warranted Archery Marshal

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