Greetings, Calontir!

The day rapidly approaches when Their Royal Majesties will be choosing Their Heirs. To celebrate such glad tidings, a great feast will be held! Here is the menu for Crown Tournament feast. 

Gustum (appetizer course): flat bread, hard boiled eggs with pine nut sauce,  olive paste,  herbed cheese, pickled mushrooms and a vegetable soup. 

Mensa prima (main course): salad with vinaigrette and cheese dressings, meatballs with a fava bean sauce,  chicken and squash in peach sauce,  roast boar with sauce, carrots in cumin sauce, cucumber salad,  peas in herb sauce,  lentils,  and bread with herbed oils.

Mensa secunda (dessert course): seasoned melon,  apricot dish,  stuffed dates, fried bread, and savillum (Roman cheesecake)

Please be aware than several of the dishes contain fish sauce. If you have any other dietary questions, accommodations or concerns regarding the menu, please email me as soon as possible. 

In Service,

Ldy Halldora Guðrøðardóttir
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