Bright greetings everyone,
Calontir's Crown Tournament is this weekend! To support Crowns present and future, the Ladies who have worn them in the past (Roses) are sponsoring a Largesse Competition. Please bring the wonders and the works of your hands to donate so that our King and Queen can offer hospitality to Their foreign cousins and gratitude when They are hosted, that all may marvel at the skills of Calontir's craftspeople. Likewise if you create items which are bestowed closer to home, such as award medallions, these are always needed by our Royalty. There will be tables to display your entries during the Tournament and the assembled Ladies of the Rose will gather to discuss them shortly after the fighting (and morning Court) is complete. No written documentation is required, but we would love to be able to ask you questions about your process and materials. If you cannot attend in person, a brief note with descriptions would be appreciated. Thank you and we hope to see all of you and many fantastic entries there! 
-- Iarlles Branwen

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