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Countess Gwen A’Brooke has announced the Calontir Pin-Up Girls 2016

The Calendar consists of 12 photographs “of lovely Calontiri women doing
what they do best – recreating another era – but this time, it’s the era of
the pin up” with profits going to the Kingdom of Calontir. The project is
not an official SCA or Calontir activity.

Pre-order by November 15 for $20 for delivery at Kris Kinder. Contact Gwen
A’Brooke (mka Gretchen Allen Johns) for ordering and payment details at
[log in to unmask] – or via Facebook private message.

There will also be a limited number of calendars available for purchase at
Kris Kinder for $25 each. And orders will be taken at Kris Kinder, for $25
per calendar (plus $5 postage, if needed).

(Profits will be split 95% to the Kingdom of Calontir, 4% to the
photographer Lady Marie Le Faivre (mka Kate Sachs) of LionDove Images, and
1% for incidental costs. )

Below are some examples photos, but Countess Gwen says “we saved the best
shots for the calendar, and you can only see them there.”

*All photos copyright 2015 by Kate Sachs, posted by permission*


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