Hi, Mag Mor & friends. 

I know everyone (including me) is focused on Crown Tourney right now -- as is appropriate.  However, I did want to remind people about the Oktobeer Fest demo on the Thursday after Crown, Oct. 15th.  It's at the Lancaster Co Event Center, from about 5 pm to 9 pm.  There is a 15 minute fighting demo at 8:00 ish.  So far, the people I <think> will be there include the Baron, Isabeau & Carlos, Morgana, Theron (later in the evening?), and Volkmar & me.  

--  We really need a minimum of 4 fighters -- we've got 2 right now. 

--  Brewers -- if you can attend please let me know you're coming.  If you cannot attend, can you send along brewed beverages -- along with a brief description -- so we can share with the demo attendees? 

--   I'm going to make another batch of gyngerbrede.  Can anyone make Shrewsbury cakes?  I can send you the recipe if you don't already have it. 

--  If you can attend, I will be picking up free passes for 8 people that afternoon.  I or someone SCA will be at the door with the passes, but it will really help to know when you plan to arrive. If we have more people than passes, I will cheerfully pay my own way -- happy to have people there to help!!

Could someone please send this to the Mag Mor Facebook page, too?  And call or text me at 402-440-2350 if you have questions. 

-- Isadora

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