Hi, all.
I've looked into a couple of sites for discussion/consideration:

  * For Winter War Maneuvers on Jan. 16, 2016:  Lancaster Co. Event
    Center, the Lincoln Room
      o Dimensions: 86 x 200 ft or 17,200 square feet, with a 25 ft high
      o Concrete floor (not polished, just regular concrete)
      o Available from 7 am to midnight... I've told them approximately
        7 am to 7 pm would likely suffice
      o We'd have to devise a privy chamber....  maybe a Viking tent or
        a yurt?
      o Access to as many as 64 tables (I'm guessing we MIGHT need 10)
        and 520 chairs (might need 100- 150)
      o They do charge for $6 for 3 gallons of water, which is provided
        in their water coolers.  However, they've agreed to let us have
        access to their tap water to use in our coolers for mixing
      o Cost is $1,298 (plus $6 x the number of plain water coolers we
        need -- probably at least a couple?)
      o They run a concession stand (burgers, hot dogs, chips, etc) that
        they say they will keep open for as long as we want. Maybe it
        would work best if we could identify a 2 hour period??
      o Hmm. Forgot to ask about clean up.  If we decide to go with this
        site, that should be something checked.
      o We should let them know as soon as possible.  We are "penciled
        in" which means if someone else wants to rent the space, LCEC
        staff will phone us to see if we still want it.

  * For Fighter Practice on 2nd and 4th Tuesdays:  Easterday Recreation
    Center, located at about 63rd & Adams Street
      o Available after 6:30 pm on Tuesdays.  I'd estimated for 2 hours.
      o For the gym only, the initial cost would be $46/hour.  After a
        couple of times, during which building staff trains two City
        employees (Callaghan and me) to close/lock up the facility, the
        cost would go down to $37/hour.
      o The gym is a nice size (not a full basketball court but more
        than a half court) and has a cushioned floor... kind of rubbery
        --- it was a good surface for fighting when we last used this
        site.... maybe 20 years ago?
      o There's paperwork to fill out and they ask for the fee 1 to 4
        weeks in advance. Kerry, the center director, says 1 week in
        advance is fine.
      o There's plenty of free parking
      o It's in northeast Lincoln -- closer for Omaha folk, farther for
        MM folk northwest and southwest of Lincoln.
      o I made zero commitments on this one, thinking cost might be

-- YIS, Isadora

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