"suitable for publication in National Geographic" I heard that Rupert Murdoch is buying National Geographic. It will be interesting to see if this publication maintains its high standards under his control. He has arguably been responsible for reducing the quality and independence on many newspapers and TV  news shows.

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I work for an award-winning climate science communication and education team, and we're looking to hire a production artist/illustrator. We strive to produce at a level "suitable for publication in National Geographic" as one of our editors likes to put it. Our work is routinely featured in the national and global media. The position is a mix of day in, day out image composition for production workflows ("Here's a map - please add a legend to it."), along with more creative endeavors ("We need an infographic that conveys what we know about how much carbon is stored in different biomes,"
or "Help us create an animation that explains El NiƱo.").

The full details can be found here: (filtered by location = Silver Spring, MD).

Designer/Illustrator II (Production Artist) (CPO - CommEd) - R15-117

-Bachelors Degree in the Arts or Sciences

-6 years of experience in the field or in a related area

Work as a sub contractor for NOAA.

Work Location: Silver Spring, Maryland

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