Dear GNSI artists,
I would like to ask for some advice please, regarding usage rights for images I created for an Australian novel. (I am very new to the publishing world and don't know the standard treatment for such things)
The author is very well known, 4 times Miles Franklin winner and Booker Prize nominee, listed in the "100 most influential Australians" Previous book 2009 was a best-seller.

I have been paid by the Aust publishers for this artwork.
I have been approached by an international publisher for permission to use these same images for the same title.
They are requesting usage rights for....
Lifetime sales non-exclusive Worldwide English Language (excluding USA Canada Aust)
(print + ebook): 5000 hardback, 3500 paperback + 1000 ebook

Does anyone know what the industry standard is for such a request ?
Is it reasonable to ask for the same fee as I was paid by Aust publisher ?
Would it be more reasonable to ask for 50% of what I was paid by Aust publisher ?
Is it expected that I forfeit any extra fee altogether ?

thanks so much in advance
I am very grateful for the opportunity to ask professional artists for opinions and advice
best regards,

Mali Moir - Artist Melbourne Australia
T: 0422 575 034  E:


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