I agree with David. Make that subhead text a bit smaller and leave more white space between the lines of the Subhead text.  All his other suggestions are great as well.


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I love your work. It's amazingly good, and inspiring. That said, I have some comments on your website design.
I like the idea of the home page design, but the text seems too big to me. I'd suggest reducing the size a bit, leaving more "white space" (black space in this case), for even more impact. The text "Communicates complex, etc." seems too close together, there should be more distance between the lines to my eye. About the mention of spelling in the disclaimer, I wouldn't make any explanations for misspelling - I would just fix the mistakes. Even framing it in a humorous way, many people would have a hard time *not* thinking that your spelling might reflect your illustration skills. 
The News page is confusing with 4 columns of posts and no headlines. I think it could be organized better. The content, however, is awesome! As for the slow loading that Bruce mentioned (on Facebook), you have a ton of content in one page, much more content than a single page should have. It will load faster if you put some of the content on other pages, and made links to it.
The Quote page is really great - I wish more people made pricing more transparent.

I hope that's helpful. I'm a big fan of your Zbrush and other 3D work.


David Fierstein

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