Actually Gail,


I would very much appreciate it if we, as GNSI, would take a stand in this. Fact that this kind of practice is tolerated is downright crazy, pardon my French. In any other profession it isn’t even an issue but as artists we not only see it coming from (sort of ) potential clients but also from other artists. So we all consider it to be normal. It isn’t. The fact that we accept this makes it also normal for clients.

Somehow someday this circle should be broken.


I have a normal job, a mortgage and a kid, and I shouldn’t have to argue about my price or constantly fight to even get paid.




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Hi, Emily,
For the record, we don't promote outside (non-GNSI) events, but we want to inform you about their existence. We encourage everyone to examine, investigate and question, as you have done, to make sure what is being offered is right for each person. Some may find this offer attractive for a variety of reasons — perhaps they are familiar with the Arboretum and wish to donate to help support it — others may not care for the terms. And we certainly encourage your comments on why you don't think it's acceptable, it helps to inform us all.

It would be wonderful to be able to fully investigate everything that comes our way, but unfortunately we don't have that kind of time. So we do appreciate those that do the investigating and share the results.


On 10/29/15 4:39 PM, Emily S. Damstra wrote:

FYI, below is the reply I received to my questions about the Flora and Fauna Illustrata Project.

Clearly, this is another one of those instances where artists are expected to jump through a bunch of hoops for the prize of EXPOSURE. Sigh.

In my opinion, the GNSI should not promote this sort of "opportunity" on its website.



Greetings from the Andersen Horticultural Library,



Thank you for the email Emily. Below you will find answers to your questions.


1.     Do I understand correctly that you're seeking donations of physical fine art?

Yes. Art completed for this project is donated by the artist.

2.     What rights are you expecting to own?

The University of Minnesota will own full rights. Artists will be provided with a high resolution scan of the image which can be used for his/her own not-for-profit use. Artists can also borrow the work for outside exhibitions.

3.     Who would pay for the expense of shipping art to you?

The university will pay to ship unframed/unmatted artwork.

4.     What benefit(s) does a participating artist receive?

Artists are guaranteed physical and/or online exhibitions of their image. Donated works will be permanently archived and possibly included in future publications.

5.      How would you expect artists from around the world to attend the informational session?.

Good question Emily. All materials from the informational session will be posted on the FFI website. An online question and answer session will be available to artists who are unable to physically attend.


I should also note the intention of this project is to gather art that depicts species at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. The call is international since we have visitors from all over the world. Our hope is that interested artists will have visited the Arboretum and subsequently documented the organism they wish to depict.


Let me know if you have additional questions.






FFI Coordinator



On Tue, Oct 27, 2015 at 10:38 AM, Emily S. Damstra <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Like Britt and Kathleen, I interpreted it that way too. Just to be sure I e-mailed the contact person and asked some questions yesterday. I haven't heard back yet but I'll let y'all know when (if?) I do.

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