Yes, the assumption that we will transfer all rights - for the benefit of a 'free' scan and 'promotion', is disingenuous. And, IMO, shouldn't be encouraged. 

I get that science funding is down (in the US - not sure about worldwide) to about 4% of previous NSA levels. (I heard that somewhere - probably varies a lot by project). I've had to make some hard choices about donating my time to organizations I'd otherwise love to support with my dollars, but I've always retained copyright for my illustrations so I can reuse them for (some) profit.   This move of 'crowdsourcing' everything becomes a slippery slope that will result in everyone but the 'information managers' being financially uncompensated for their time.

My two cents,

Kathy G

On Oct 30, 2015, at 7:22 AM, Mieke Roth wrote:

> Yes, the rights transfer is what ticked me off also.
> But as an organization I think you have to be aware how “informing” is received. If given by an organization such as the GNSI it can easily give information an air of legitimacy, even when the organization doesn’t see it that way. And I can’t  imagine that the GNSI would want to place a disclaimer on every piece of information it spreads. But even if you do that, such information is still easily perceived as a silent and unwitting endorsement.

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