Have any of you ever heard anything good or bad about Eurekamagazine.com? It keeps popping up when I search for obscure journals/articles. I asked our reference librarian about it and if she’d heard anything. She hadn’t but suggested the following which I thought might be useful to you all.




Hi, Lynn:  Well, this title is not on Beall’s list of predatory publishers:



But it is not listed in some of our standard periodical directories nor

does any library catalog it in their collections, per WorldCat.  (Not a good sign.)


Here are all of the criteria the author of Beall’s list uses to note

whether the title is predatory or not:


Clearly neither of us have time to investigate all of these but I’m

going to see if I can submit this title for Beall to investigate …


What they look like to me is an aggregator/scraper of content from various open access sources … I would not be surprised if they grabbed metadata from licensed resources either.  In other words, someone could sue them!  The junky ad placement everywhere on the exterior edges (when scrolling) and no ABOUT page telling one who compiles this makes me think, uh-oh.