Hi Everyone,

Got loans? How to you track your entomology (and other) collection's 
loans, gifts, donations, sampling events? What software are your using? 
What's working? What's still challenging? Maybe you're tracking your 
loan requests with your digitization efforts? Do you have data to show 
if your loans are increasing or decreasing or becoming more specific 
with the availability of digital records?

Find out what community members worldwide are doing and share your 
experiences, tomorrow at iDigBio's Webinar:
Variations on the theme of tracking loans, gifts, sampling, and more

*Guest presenters* include: Simon Checksfield and Nicole Fisher - CSIRO, 
Andrew Bentley - Specify, Christine Johnson - Entomology at AMNH, 
Tiffany Adrain - University of Iowa Paleontology, and Elspeth Haston -  RBGE

TIME: 21:00:00 (UTC)  Friday 5:00 PM (EDT);  Friday 4:00 PM (Kansas 
City);  Friday 9:00 PM (Edinburgh, London);  Sat 8:00 AM (Sydney)
DATE: 30 October 2015 (1 November for Sydney, Australia)

See you there!

Deb, et al from the iDigBio Data Management Interest Group (DMIG)
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