Greetings Calontir from Blue Hawk Herald/OP Clerk!

After the rebuild of the online Kingdom OP, there were some errors that my
predecessor, HL Ailith, and I have worked to correct. We’ve been
successful for the most part, but there is one set of errors for which I
request your help.  Reign 38, Chrystofer Kensor & Margarette de St. Martin
Sur Mer (from 2002-10-12 to 2003-04-05), currently contains many awards
that are outside the dates of this reign.  Normally, we would contact
individuals for clarification, but the sheer number of mis-labeled Crowns
for these awards call for the following approach.

I have listed all of these awards in a pdf file that can be accessed at
this URL:
 What do I need?  All of the awards listed in the file were given on
Coronation dates.  So, we do not know which Crown, stepping down or
stepping up, gave the awards. If you access the linked document and find
your name, please email me at OPClerk at and let me know from
whom you received your award.  If anyone sees the name of someone they
know who might not be on Facebook or the Calon list, please let them know
that we could use their assistance in correctly placing their award. Your
help is greatly appreciated! Questions can be directed to either me at the
above email address or Gold Falcon at GoldFalcon at

In Service,

HL Eynon Llangenydd
Blue Hawk Herald/OP Clerk

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