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HL Eynon Llangenydd, the Blue Hawk Herald, is seeking assistance identifying the awarding Crowns for a large group of entries in the Order of Precedence. If you see your name and award listed below, and can identify the Crowns who gave you the award, please email him at [log in to unmask] with that information.

Silver Hammer

Malgar Thorvik 2005-03-05

Aylwin Ruthwell 2005-03-05

Callaghan McFerr 2006-09-09


Cross of Calontir

Cadfael the Mordacious 2006-09-09

Hugh Prescott 2006-09-09


Iren Fyrd

Ostwald Konrad von Riesetoten 2007-03-24


Leather Mallet

Ingjaldr inn Storhoggvi 2004-03-06

Angus de Botha 2006-09-09

Sorcha inghean ui Mhaolain 2006-09-09

Balin Kendrick 2007-03-24



Eadric Huntington 2003-04-05

Rangeyra Loksdottir 2003-09-06

Gerard de Saint-Thomas 2004-09-11

Odierne Lion 2004-09-11

Katherine Blacklea 2005-03-05

Elianor de Morland 2005-03-05

Maximillian der Rothaarige 2007-03-24


AoA Simple

Felix Lucius 2003-09-06

Temair in eich Gil 2003-09-06

Anjanette of Bois D’Arc 2004-03-06

Titus Terranova 2004-03-06

Heruthgare Darkhammer 2004-03-06

Sorin of Bois d’Arc 2004-03-06

Bjorn of Bois d’Arc 2004-03-06

Morgana of Mag Mor 2004-09-11

Arthur von Katzwald 2004-09-11

Rayya bint Da’ud al-Zahra’ 2004-09-11

Sonja of Mag Mor 2006-09-09

Torfin Granite Thighs 2007-03-24

Petronella of Oakheart 2007-03-24

Keeper of the Flame

Tatjana Nikonovna Besprozvanyja 2004-09-11


Queen’s Chalice

Lessa Karsjens 2006-09-09

Maeve Karsjens 2006-09-09

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