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Vert Hawk
CALONTIR acceptances

* Amlesmore, Shire of. Badge. Gules, a spearhead Or.
This badge does not conflict with the badge of Kirk of Wendarrow: Vert, a pheon inverted Or. There is a DC for changing the tincture of the field and another one for the difference between a pheon inverted and a spearhead.
* Belinda Mors. Name.
Belinda is the submitter's legal name.
* Connor Duncan. Reblazon of device. Azure, a standing balance and in chief in pale two scythes fesswise and fesswise reversed Or.
Registered in April of 1993 as Azure, a standing balance, in chief a scythe fesswise and another reversed, handles in pale Or, the scythes are not in pale, their handles are.
* Conor the Black. Reblazon of device. Per bend bendy argent and sable and argent, a wyvern gules and in base a thistle sable distilling gouttes de sang.
Registered in October of 1998 as Argent, five bendlets enhanced sable surmounted by a wyvern gules, in base a thistle slipped and leaved sable distilling two goutes gules, this is effectively a per bend field.
* Evelyn Roberts. Name and device. Per chevron ployé throughout Or and azure, two crosses crosslet and a lynx's face counterchanged.
Nice 16th century English name!
* Franco Kind zu dem Walde. Reblazon of device. Sable, three fir trees and a greyhound courant three and one argent.
Registered in July of 2003 as Sable, three fir trees and a greyhound courant argent, the position of the charges needs to be specified since there is no default for four charges on an undivided field.
* Giovanni Loredan. Badge. (Fieldless) A wreath of oak leaves Or.

* Kassiana agria. Name and device. Per pale azure and vert, on a pile raguly argent a brown horse rampant proper.
The submitter may wish to know that Greek bynames like Agria are typically capitalized in classical and medieval Greek texts.
* Katherine of Forgotten Sea. Holding name and device (see PENDS for name). Azure, a pomegranate tree and on a base argent a demi-Catherine's wheel issuant from the line of division azure.
Submitted under the name Katherine die Heilige.
* Leopold Heinrich Rovekar. Device. Quarterly gules and sable, a cross botonny fitched throughout between four swords inverted argent.
Please advise the submitter to draw the swords larger so they are easier to identify.
* Marie Chantal Delaire. Badge. (Fieldless) A keystone purpure charged with a pall inverted argent.
There is a step from period practice for the use of a notched keystone.
* Marie Chantal Delaire. Heraldic title Purple Keystone Herald.

* Marie le Faivre. Name and device. Per chevron vert and Or, a chevron counterchanged between three mullets one and two Or and a lion dormant gules maintaining an Arabian oil lamp bendwise azure.
Submitted as Marie le Fevre, the submitter preferred the form le Faivre if it could be documented. Wreath found the spelling le faivre dated to 1395 in the 19th century book Actes by the Société jurassienne d'émulation (p. 221, As the names in this source do not appear to have been normalized, we are able to change the byname to the desired spelling.
Please advise the submitter to draw the chevron wider.
* Natalya Vasilova. Name and device. Gules, a goblet Or within six eggs in annulo, a chief embattled argent.
This name was transliterated using the Revised English system, whereas the attested forms in Wickenden use the Library of Congress transliteration scheme. As long as the entire name is transliterated consistently, either system is acceptable.
* Rébeca la Chienne. Device. Argent, a wooden harp with the forepillar carved as a dog proper, in chief three open scissors inverted vert, a bordure sable.
We are hereby overturning the following precedent:
The harp was blazoned on the LoI as having its forepillar in the shape of a harpy. Following the pattern of period heralds, as seen in the blazon of the arms of Ireland and others, we will not blazon details of the forepillars of harps, as they are considered artistic details. [Christina Butterman, March 2009, Æthelmearc-A]
While the shape of the forepillar is not worth any difference it is a big enough artistic detail that it can be blazoned to allow the re-creation of the emblazon.
The submitter's old device, Or, a dog's head couped sable, in chief three pairs of scissors vert, is retained as a badge.
* Snowlyne inghean Shéamuis. Name.
Snowlyne is the submitter's legal given name.
* Susanna d'Arbe. Name and device. Barry wavy azure and argent, on a bezant a tree couped proper. 
CALONTIR returns 
* Óttarr Surtsson. Badge. Per pale embattled Or and purpure, in dexter an eye vert irised purpure.
This badge is returned for conflict with the device of Cassandra of Beth'lem: Argent, a human eye lidded, chased vert.
By precedent, the tincture of an eye is defined by the sclera.
We hereby rule that that there is no proper tincture for eyes. We will no longer worry about tiny details such as the eyelashes (if present) or the pupil: those are considered unblazoned artistic details. The tinctures of the sclera (the "white" of the eye) and the iris may be specified in blazon; contrast against the field will be judged by the sclera's tincture. [Nov 2007 LoAR Cover Letter]
Thus, in this submission the eye tincture is vert, similarly to Cassandra's and there is no DC for the eye tincture. There is a DC for changing the field but, as depicted, the purpure iris in Óttar's eye depiction covers about one third of the length of the eye which means that it couldn't be in the center of the field, where part of the charge would have no contrast. Thus the position is forced and we cannot grant a DC for the move from center to dexter.

CALONTIR pends  
* Katherine die Heilige. Name.
Submitted as Katherine die Heilige, the byname die Heilige ("the saint") was not found as an attested byname, although forms such as Heylig and von den Heiligen can be found in Brechenmacher, s.n. Heilig. We are pending this name to allow a discussion of whether this name presumes upon the name of Saint Catherine, especially considering the use of the demi-Catherine's wheel in the device submission. If it is, we also ask commenters to discuss whether dropping the definite article die ("the") removes the appearance of presumption.
Her armory is registered under the holding name Katherine of Forgotten Sea.
This was item 6 on the Calontir letter of May 31, 2015.
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