----Twelfth Night Arts and Sciences Competitions---

-Drinking Vessel
Any drinking vessel made since last 12th Night. Documentation is encouraged, but not necessary. Populace vote.
Must be able to hold water for 10 minutes and yes, it will be tested.

-German Holiday or Outdoor Garb
Any German Holiday or Outdoor Garb. Documentation is required. This is also Populace vote, but Judges will be looking over the items for feedback and giving extra “points”.

-Rat Out Your Friends!
This is by far the most fun display that an event can have. If you have been given something since last 12th Night and want to show it off, this would be place. 

-What Calontir means to me
While this is not an official Competition, many have asked about this idea. It doesn’t matter what form, but we will have an area set aside for those who would like display what Calontir means to them.

*Any questions, please contact Astrid (Kathy​) on FB or via mail at [log in to unmask]

Lady Isibél Inghean Dáire 
Social Media Officer, Barony of the Lonely Tower

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