Being hard nosed about the situation, are you doing work-for-hire on this? If so, it would be their 
problem as they own the work, except if you sign a contract that says it is your responsibility to 
provide work that is "legit". So if you have concerns about the legitimacy of the purchase 
agreements, make sure your contract does not contain a clause making you responsible for their 
misdeeds, which I think you will find all work -for-hire contracts. So cross it out, or modify it to 
say they are responsible for photo clearance issues.

Not saying you shouldn't ask them to make sure the usage is proper, but let it be their problem to 
worry about, unless they are going to pay you more to worry about it...


On 11/6/15 1:45 AM, Bruce Bartrug wrote:
> Indeed, Jeremy.  My only concern is that they may be doing something to bypass modification
> restrictions, so I'll certainly be wanting copies of their contracts or purchase agreements.  I'm
> assuming I could have the right to refuse modifying an image if the purchase agreement doesn't so
> indicate?
> Thanks, bab
> On Fri, Nov 6, 2015 at 12:08 AM, Jeremy Swan <[log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>>
> wrote:
>     Once you do get the images, you can do a google image search by image.  Click the camera to
>     upload the image and see where it's being used anywhere and to check for image origin (if it's
>     publicly indexed).
>     I'm sure you know to look at the metadata of each image to look for authorship, copyright and
>     licensing info.
>     -Jeremy
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