If you do a save as PDF, the default is to have a copy of the Illustrator editable material 
included, unless you uncheck the box in the options dialog.  So if you did not turn it off, you can 
recover your Illustrator material from the PDF.

The only other way I know to avoid it is the Save a Copy command. If you were doing Photoshop, this 
happens by default when you save in a different format, but for some reason they are not consistent 
in interface design across the programs....


>> On 11/20/15 11:00 AM, "Linda Feltner" <[log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>> wrote:
>> Using AI CS5:
>> I work in a native file, SAVE AS a PDF.
>> I have searched the Knowledgebase, but am not asking the key words, apparently.
>> I do NOT want AI to replace the Native file with the PDF on my SCREEN, so I can keep working. ( I
>> am working on quick style changes in the document, making 4-5 versions, and I forgot to manually
>> close out the pdf and get back to the native file-grrrr).
>> I know I an turn that feature off somewhere in the Preferences of other programs, but I can't find
>> it in AI, and am in need of what one would call that command.
>> Thanks!
>> Very much appreciated.
>> Linda

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