2016 GNSI Conference, Santa Cruz CA
July 3-9th 2016

The Conference team is starting to spin up, and though we still have a few organizational slots to fill, we have a really great team of people contributing ideas and manpower to make this what I think is going to be one incredible Conference.  If you need to do any long term planning to make sure you can get to Santa Cuz, California from July 3-9th (maybe the 10th as well), don't wait. It will be worth your while. There are a lot of local resources and expertise to learn from.

If you have ideas for field trips and workshops, or are interested in presenting or volunteering to help, let the committee know.
Taina Litwak:  taina_at_litwakillustration.com (Core presentations and Mini-workshops)
Elizabeth Morales: lulytoon_at_zoom-dsl.com (Core presentations and Mini-workshops)
Marlene Donnelley: marlenehill.donnelly_at_gmail.com (Traditional media - workshops and Techniques Showcase)
Robin Carlson: robinleecarlson_at_gmail.com (Conference Chair and logistics)
(Digital media - workshops and techniques: Coordinator still needed.)

You can go here to submit proposals through our online form for presentations, showcase and workshops:

See you there!

Britt Griswold


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