Congratulations! I have three families of young children to whom I give National Geographic Kids magazine. Your book would add another sparkle to their Christmas. Will look for the order form! Thank you for such beautiful art! 

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This fall the three books I did for National Geographic came out as a single book, "When Fish Got Feet, When Bugs Were Big and When Dinos Dawned". It includes several science fixes, such as the cool giant spider Megarachne, which turned out instead to be a relatively run-of-the-mill eurypterid, a few new illustrations, and ten pages of activities and extra info at the back. Writing them was a challenge since it's not something I'd done before.

Sooo.... if you have any paleo-obsessed kids or teenagers in your life, and were wondering what to give them for xmas, consider that where else will you get three books for the price of one?  I have a page on Facebook for the books, and on it I've put some dedication labels, kind of like ex libris, that you can print out and fill in the recipient's name:

Embarrassing but true, I don't have a web site yet, but that will change in early 2016! Seeing fellow GNSI-ers sites when they go live is always fun and inspiring.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! It's not a holiday here in Spain, but an American friend is having me over for turkey and the works :-)


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