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Graduate Student Endowment
 Fund Raising Drive 2015

Dear all,

I just wanted to update you on the state of the endowment for 2015. Good news and bad news. This year, we will make the first endowment award ($1500) to Allan Cabrero, one of the five SysEB Research Travel Award recipients (see Over the year, 15 donations contributed another $4,023 to the endowment (thank you!). As of September 30, the principal is at $44,065. The principle of the endowment is managed by the Entomological Society of America in a restricted fund. Alas, the bad news is that even with the donations, this represented a net income/interest (loss) of -$1,328, or -2.9%. As a result there will be no 2016 endowment award (sad). Please note that the SysEB leadership agreed that payment of funds would only be assessed on September 30 of each year. By the end of October, the fund has rebuilt the loss, and hopefully it will keep growing. It is essential that we main the principle if we are to make significant future annual awards. Please do not lose hope and I really hope that this provides even more incentive to donate … the market and the fund will improve!

In other good news, we now have a detailed explanation of the award and its history below, and a new way to donate online. Please contribute, and contribute often J.

As we come to a close of the 2016 tax year, I hope that you would consider making a donation to the endowment. We are still a long way from my personal goal of $100,000 J. When we get to $1,000,000 I promise to leave you alone....


John Heraty

Endowment Organizer

Donate online:

Please mail your tax deductible check donations to:

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Please add:  "SysEB Graduate Student Endowment" to the note field on the check and indicate if you would like a receipt.