Greetings Calontir!

Since I began my tenure as Blue Hawk Herald/OP Clerk, I have posted little
tidbits of information about the Calontir OP at the end of each quarter. I
am deviating a bit from this practice as we near the end of this quarter.

I recently heard that some folks have sent emails to the OPClerk at
Calontir dot org email address and have never gotten a reply. Ideally,
this should never happen, but there have been occasional problems with our
hosting service email system.  Rest assured, no email to me will ever go
unanswered, but there are occasions when emails do not reach me.

My self-imposed policy is this: When I receive an email about the OP, I
acknowledge the receipt of that email within 24 hours. Minor OP changes
are usually made within that same time frame.  More complicated changes
might require a little longer to complete.  When changes are completed, I
acknowledge this via email.

So, if you send an email to the OPClerk address and do not receive a reply
within 24 hours or so, try sending another email to eynon.llangenydd at
gmail dot com.

Requests for an OP correction/addition on Facebook should probably be
avoided. It is too easy to overlook them given the quantity of posts

Thank you all for helping us maintain the Calontir OP in the most accurate
form possible and I wish you all a Happy 2016. May it be your best year



HL Eynon Llangenydd
Blue Hawk Herald/Calontir OP Clerk
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Webminister, Shire March of Grimfells

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