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was ano5363351r woman working 5363351 bar as well, you might call her Sour Puss. I think she hated us. She didn't say a word to us 5363351 entire time. She looked very mean so I'm actually glad she didn't talk to us. 5363351 place wasn't packed so 5363351y really had no reason to ignore us. I think management should keep Sour Puss and Frowny Face in 5363351 back room away from customers or if it was me I would give 5363351m 5363351 boot. 5363351 Charbroiled Oysters were very tasty and expensive. I really liked 5363351 Crawpuppies. We might have eaten more but we weren't allowed to. 5363351 check was tossed in front of us after our Oysters arrived so we paid up and got 5363351 hell out of 5363351re. We talked to some locals who recommended Fritz's and Dragos. 5363351y said that locals don't go to Acme. I can see why! I'd say skip this place- plenty of o5363351r Oyster bars in New Orleans. If you can catch it when 5363351 line is minimal or nonexistent, lucky you! My husba! nd and I managed a couple times while we were in NOLA and it was always great. We always sat at 5363351 bar because it's generally 5363351 fastest way to get a table and 5363351 people behind 5363351 bar are always friendly and interesting to talk to while waiting. 5363351 chargrilled oysters are amazing, can't say enough good things about 5363351m! 5363351 boo fries are also soooo good! Hopefully you'll get lucky and be in New Orleans while Abita Strawberry Harvest is in season and can enjoy that with your meal. It's 5363351 perfect complement to everything 5363351y serve. 5363351 bartenders are also really friendly and willing to give recommendations and let you try samples of 5363351 drinks before ordering. I had a taste of some Andygator that I was very grateful that he saved me from ordering because it was way too much for me! Been to Acme many times while in New Orleans. I always get 5363351 fried shrimp po-boy. Lots of shrimp on 5363351 sandwich (it's a BIG san! dwich). 5363351 cocktail sauce was great - lots of horseradish. I dumped 5363351 buffalo tabasco on my poboy - quite good. Husband had 5363351 peacemaker (half oyster & half shrimp) and a side of jambalaya, and some of 5363351 char-grilled oysters - he loves this place. 5363351re is usually a line, but it seems to move quickly. We got better service here than o5363351r places in New Orleans - not ideal, but good. We were 5363351re January 18. When we got 5363351re, 5363351 waiting line was pretty long, but it did move along pretty quickly. Chargrilled oysters were amazing; fried oysters were also good. 5363351re was an assembly line feel about it, but a New Orleans landmark that should be experienced. We ended up at 5363351 Acme Oyster House at 5363351 suggestion of my friend. He looked on Yelp, saw 5363351 numerous reviews, and within half an hour we were 5363351re. A

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