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Mistress Aidan Ocrinn and Mistress Amanda Coldcastle announced the sad news that Baron Master Robert of Coldcastle passed away on the morning of December 15th. His partner, Master Gerald of Ipsley, maybe contacted through Mistress Amanda.


Baron Bob, as he was affectionately known, touched many in Calontir during his active years. With his characteristic signature “Robert of Coldcastle did this thing” he produced things of beauty in many different disciplines, but especially the many beautiful scrolls he calligraphed and illuminated.



But, perhaps more importantly, his students and their progeny have continued to teach and beautify the Kingdom long after he was no longer active. Mistress Aidan :

Our long lineage and extended family weeps with the loss of this extremely talented man, even though many may never have met him. His gifts can be seen in the talents of his grand-laurels, great-grands, great-great-grands, and also in our nieces and their lineages.

Baron Bob came to Calontir from the Kingdom of the West, and was a veteran of the US Navy. His flair, his sardonic wit, and his “Sunday morning p*ss off the Laurels” garb immediately made him part of the family. Although he has not been active in many years, his memory continues on with those whose lives he touched.

baron bob


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